All Aboard

January 10, 2008
My train of thought’s more like a run-away train
Ambitions, desires, about to burst through this membrane

Take my foot off the gas, view what it is that I pass
This life I live is kicking my a**
This is MY time, MY world, MY moment to shine
I can’t let anyone destroy me, break me down
Comfort my ears as I hear, “Oh everything is fine.”

I see the looks on the faces, what is left upon the traces
No, everything is NOT fine; we need to take care of this
Get off the sidelines, don’t let it all turn to bliss

And there goes his fist
Dead away, shot to the jaw
Not just the initiated set-up bull**** you watch on Raw
What they tell you is live television, supervision, lies
And emotional tries to feed your hungry 4 month old baby who just cries cries cries

So much to handle, ENOUGH! My plate is full
Heavy and wobbling, can’t let it drop
Excuse me. Stop the train. This is my stop.

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