I Miss You

January 10, 2008
Only you could read my eyes,
Only you could see through my lies.
You were the one to light me up,
So how could you be the one to shut me down?

You ignore me now,
Have you forgotten me somehow?
I’d love to forget you too,
But that would be admitting you’re gone.

You made me feel alive and free,
You helped me see who I wanted to be.
Now I lie here broken and cold,
You make me feel so pitiful.

I miss you more by the day,
It’ll get easier they all say.
But they have no idea,
How amazing you were.

I hear that you and that girl kiss,
When you close your eyes is it me you miss?
How can you smile at her,
The way you smiled at me?

Does she look at the moon with you?
Does she dance in the cold with you?
Does she blush at the sound of your voice?
Does she look as beautiful to you as I did?

I miss the way you used to talk to me.
I miss the way you used to hold me.
I miss the way you used to make everything better.
I miss the way you were always there.

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