January 10, 2008
By Heather Williams, Kannanpolis, NC

He stands so tall in his uniform, she smiles so proud.
She tries to get to him as she makes her way through the crowd.
They join hands and a single tear leaves her eye
Her heart skips a beat when she feels the vibration of a plane entering the sky.
Memories of them two replay over again in her head
She remnised back to all the sunday mornings they spent cuddling in bed.
He tells her they'll make it and deep down she knows they will
He wraps his arms around her and time seems to stand still.
A blasting intercom announces the words she dreads to hear
He walks away than tells her to come here.
He takes her face into his hands and kisses her one last time
Her eyes drip with tears as she whispers the word "bye"
She feels so empty while she watches him walk away
She glances down at her engagment ring, she can't wait for that day.
It's going to be the day that marks the begginning of their forever
She promised him she wouls never leave his side, not now, or not ever.
Standing at the towering glass window she watched his plane until it was noting but a dot in the sky
She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and told herself not to cry.

Five years later, she lays back in her lawn chair
She inhales the aroma of the freash spring air.
Closing her eyes, she grins at the sounds of her son playing outside
Then she turns and glances at the marine who is right by her side.
Remembering all the poeple who said they wouldnt make it, she whispers in his ear
"Baby i'm so glad we made it here."
He smiled, kissed her soft lips, "I love you tons."
She snickered and said, "it's a good thing that kiss wont be the last one."

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