Adam Vs. Eve

January 10, 2008
With just one wave of his hand God created the earth.
With just one scoop of his palm he crafted the mountains.
With just one pour of his wisdom he formed the depths of the sea.
And with just one breath of his voice he formed man out of nothingness.
With great care and a father’s touch he molded Adam.
And then he molded Eve.

Both unique in their make,
And imperfect in solitude,
Yet made perfect in unity.
They come together to form an inseparable link.
In this way
One Adam became two Adams.
And one Eve, two Eves.
And years later,
The world has become a place crowded,
With both Adams and Eves.

Put together by their similarities,
They found themselves separated by their differences.
Differences became incongruity
And incongruity became inequality.

Women bore children,
And for it they were left to tend to the home.
Men brandished their physicality,
And for it they took to the fields.
For a time when the unknown ruled,
And chaos and confusion reigned,
In this natural way,
Order was maintained.

Many more years passed again,
And as is bound to happen,
Change ensued.
We no longer hunt to live,
Or farm to survive.
And so as our ways of living changed.
So did our way of life.

In the new “modern age,”
We claim to be free.
We claim to have justice.
We claim to be equal.
Virtually the same
Yet can two opposites truly be equal,
When even at our most basic,
The genders conflict?

We see girls with dolls.
We see boys with “action figures.”
We see girls “looking good.”
We see boys “looking tough.”
Men talk sports.
Women talk gossip.

Many try to cover up this truth.
But these conventions
Are apparent in interactions.
The strongest of men rule through action.
The best of women talking, and consoling.

The truth is there is a battle of the sexes,
And there will always be.
And while the world may mature,
And people may try to understand,
The truth is
We will never be the same,
Separate but equal,
Our differences:
Our power.

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