Life and Death

January 10, 2008
By Christina Speidel, Langhorne, PA

Life and Death sat down for Tea
And talked about a new philosophy
Life was all smiles for she was well loved
Death sulked in the corner for she was the bearer of bad news
She had nothing to gain,
just something to lose
For she had a mission that was always scorned
To take people's lives and to leave a spot open for Life to Fill
Death comes at a price but this is the way the world is supposed to be
The world isn't fair and nothing comes free
But still she does it anyway day in and day out and she knows that storms of tears are bound to spill out
All in All Death thought She usually was a very good sport.
For Life had all the parties and joyous celebrations
What Death received was no revelation
A note in the paper announcing the loss
And a giant black hearse that amounted to a extremely high cost.
What is this philosophy you ask?
It's that Death may be rough
which we surely know
But Death leaves a place for new Life to grow.

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