My God it was Beautiful

January 10, 2008
By Heather Hoegen, Coventry, RI

Do you remember waking up
to a scene of such beauty?
Keeping your eyes closed
For those extra five minutes.
allowing yourself to inhale
the melody of autumn.
My God it was beautiful.
Do you remember the birds chirping
As if singing to you softly.
And the whirls of wind
Soaring with your thoughts
The leaves changed colors
Red yellows and oranges
Floated past your eyes
My God it was beautiful.
Do you remember sitting at home
Listening to the scurry of footsteps
Running across your roof
As if they had a destination
And you hear the acorns drop
Falling from every possible way
And think to yourself,
My God is was beautiful.
And when you sat at the window sill
as the rain sprinkled lightly
splattering onto the glass
Waiting to go outside
And breathe the fresh air
And smell the rain that poured heavily
The night before
My God it’s beautiful.

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