when i look toward the sky

January 22, 2008
By TJ Harris, Piggott, AR

when i look toward the sky
the sky so black and silent
and i watch the stars overhead
as they form their shapes
i think to myself, "what makes us worthy?
worthy of such beauty; of such peace?
why are we given gifts such as these?"

i travel my thoughts over and again
over hills of imagination, through tunnels of logic
all the while i sit and stare
in my eyes these blissful dots reflect
they reflect triumph, sorrow, anger, and joy
and equally bright--beauty, sorrow, anger, and tragedy
but there is this one thought...

one thought that never dares sleep
a thought which fights to the finish
so brave this thought; so impervious
it stands at the ready for every challenge
and fear, to it, is but a joke; laughable
a meaningless game unworthy of it's prowess
a thought that knows no predator; only prey

and so i remember this thought
i forget my wonder; i swallow my questions
they are irrelevant to this thought
but even more astounding are the feelings
the feelings that so fiercely guard it
body guards of the soul; soldiers of the mind
such a wonderful, invincible thought

as i settle on my thought
the stars begin to stir
dancing in the darkness as fireflies
they form an image.. what an image
so flawless, so perfect, so right
and to my delight it speaks
so gently, its voice lifts me to my feet

an angelic voice, so soft; so graceful
my senses swiftly return
so i close my eyes, and slowly open them
and there are yours staring back in mine
while your voice echoes in my heart
the warmth of love spreads over me
and this thought of you lives on

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