Wanting to live in Rome

January 21, 2008
Wanting to live in Rome
He found himself bathing in Holy water
Where he would find women
Dancing around the lighted candles
For this was the ritual of the cult,
He lied on a hill watching for God.

But to his surprise, there was no God
To be seen. So now left in Rome
He has only his family in the cult
And no longer does the Holy water
Feel clean but burns like candles.
The faces of the women

Become distorted and bleed. The women
Faces now burned away in the candles
No longer do they look like God.
He finds himself lost within Rome,
Wading through the Holy water
Hiding from the malevolence cult,

He could never go back to the cult
Or back to the women
Who showed him the Holy water,
And the forgiving God
That hides in the ruin buildings of Rome
Lighting their way with candles

The one that burn his hands, candles
That can no longer keep the cult
Hiding in destroy city of Rome
And now the women
Pray for their magnificent God
To bring back Holy water

Only then can the Holy water
Clean their hand. Candles
Go out and their God
Is gone. He sees the cult
Sacrifice the unsightly women.
Their blood covers Rome.

He will see God, and bath in Holy water
In Rome and blow out the candles
Of the cult. Kissing the women.

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