Sometimes I feel empty

January 21, 2008
By Leah Jacobson, Owatonna, MN

Sometimes I feel empty
Really, truly alone
Like there's a hole burning inside of me
I don't know if I'll ever be
Who I was before
Before I broke
Now too broken to fix
I feel like I've been falling
Never hitting ground
I think I've been waiting
Waiting for someone
To be there to catch me
To take me away
From all the pain
To make me feel whole again
Before It's too late
Too late to love again
I feel a wall
Building itself around my heart
I bruise too easily to not have one
There didn't use to be one
Not until I was badly bruised
Too bruised to recover alone
I wish I could give it a go
To be something more
Someone's reason for life
A life of true love
Love that holds my hand
That would take me
Take me for what's inside
The real me
Before I lose it
Lose myself in this hole
Before these unwritten words
Slip from my mouth
Before I become empty again

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