A Boy

January 21, 2008
A boy, with his golden hair not brushed,
A boy with eyes sky’s of blue,
A boy when every time I looked at him blushed,
A boy, all I can say is "EWWW"

My Daddy taught me about boys, every last thing,
About cooties and nasty old gems,
He warned me that a boy only WANTED one thing ,
To give his cooties to me and eat worms!

I don't wanna ever marry a boy,
except maybe Tommy McGee,
the boy down the lane that shares his toy,
I bet he doesn't have any cooties.

Or maybe Joey Fice,
The boy I play with at school,
He seems really nice,
And he is really cute and cool.

I also like Frankie Long,
The boy I saw at the store,
He really seemed to help his mom,
witch is nice, even though a bore.

Maybe all boys are not that bad,
maybe my Daddy was just wrong,
maybe my Daddy was just mad,
I didn't want to stay with him long.

Daddy doesn't need to worry though,
I am only in first grade!,
That would be going to fast, you know,
I won't get married till third, right now I have it made!

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