She was never the first

January 21, 2008
By Brittney Bramlette, Big Pine Key, FL

She was never the first
To win a wanting look
She always felt inferior
To all of the eyes that looked upon her.
She felt that she would never be good enough
She felt that she had to be someone else
To be accepted by even the people who cared
She opened up to those she loved
And they all left
She trusted the ones who said they would never hurt her
And they all left
She would've done anything for them
But they all left.
She built a wall inside of her
To keep everyone out
Because one day she realized
They can't ever leave her
If she never lets them in
She keeps that wall strong and secure
As she keeps the world from seeing her.
She's alone but no one really knows.
She sits behind the wall
Crying deep inside
She never wanted this
She never wanted to be alone
Blocking the world out was the only way she felt good enough
She could never get hurt behind her wall
But the world was passing her by
Life was passing her by
So slowly she begins to take down her wall
A process that is sure to take a long time
And if she finds someone who is different than all the rest
Someone who would help her tear down this wall
Someone who could help her realize that there really are happy endings
That not everything ends in destruction and hurt
Just maybe
She'll make it through
And tear down this wall once and for all.

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