Have you ever heard it coming?

January 21, 2008
Have you ever heard it coming?
When the cool air shoves summer away
And the random warm dry air keeps winter at bay
You know the sounds of autumn as summer falls.
When the kids try to get one more game in,
Before the school bell tolls,
And ends it all.
When the tennis rackets and baseball gloves fall,
The gridiron becomes hot once more
And a new soccer star is born.
Have you ever heard it coming?
When the leaves have all completed their transformation
Becoming something uniquely beautiful
And totally new.
When the children beg parents not to close the pool
Even though the water is cold enough to freeze
And no one is brave enough to jump in.
Have you ever heard it coming?
When the weather is always a mystery
The bracing yet welcome cool nights
And warm days to keep you guessing.
Have you heard it coming?
When autumn reigns and summer falls
A metamorphosis that engulfs us all
Even if we can’t notice.
Have you ever heard that?
Its autumn.

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