Beethoven’s 9th

January 21, 2008
I. first-

the whispered ring of a glowing thread
floats over omnipotent sobs of the chase
dissolving to dance in arranged spontaneity
carried over footsteps to a trail
marching onward through dusk’s inhalation
sped to common time, in hindsight
jolted to a peaceful voyage towards the rise of a
flame radiating over the glorious steel mountain
calming over treetop escapades in the
reverberating rhythms of twilight echoes
concluding in the resounding recollection
of its former power.

II. now-

a soft song builds a mighty booming fortress
as thieves dance to the tiptoed skip of a sphere
over fenced pauses as heartbeats crawl
through the links of the din
pounding over the mind of an anonymous
progressive wail by which
clouds proceed, trancelike murmurs of
quiet corners trapping the soulful cries
of blatant unmentionables
marching onward over the hills of
what might have been paradise
in a victorious quest for perplexities.

III. soon-

time grows in the rise of that which
will yet be reborn and reflects
what might be the sigh of settling
through the night rendering brothers
parallel to reorder the multitude of
created clay mirages, painting cloudlike whirls
over a canvas of barren fields
awaiting the delicate paper loops and tendrils
scattered by the butterflies who come to land
upon heaven’s lips, their exuberance recorded
and rewarded in a single gesture of
palms callused by the reaping of the masses.

IV. always-

past, present, future collide, tremblingly
bringing forth the vigilant tiptoes
of the clear-minded
rising as they floatingly yearn for
the selfish satisfaction of perpetual sunrise
and in response, the sun itself
parting the waves of disillusion
coaxing hibernated hymns
to exalting jubilee
as thirstcracked throats with holistic voices
unite in a synergous exhalation

of joy.

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