I’m not sure when it happened

January 21, 2008
By Steffanie Tassone, Fairfield, OH

I’m not sure when it happened
Where I was or why I wasn’t aware
I’m not sure how it took place
Or if I was even there.

Was I sleeping?
Or maybe just in the other room.
Did they decide this is for the best?
It’s what I’m going to assume.

No, I’m not sure where I was
When I morphed into an expensive vase that day
Nor do I know what was happening
When I was set on a public display.

But I know it must have happened
I’m certainly positive the event took place
Because now when people are around me
They stare as if I’m on a showcase.

Everyone who comes around me
Walks as if they’re on eggshells
Thinking they’re going to break me
Oh, they cover their tracks well.

And even when I’m left alone
It seems as if there are always eyes on me
Making sure nothing happens,
I suppose they’re the security.

I’m the topic of so very many conversations
They talk as if I cannot hear a word
I must be pretty valuable,
Every one keeps asking about me since this has occurred.

Homes have opened up to me
All of a sudden everyone would like to set me on their own display
Their hospitality is assured and offered daily
I’m so precious though, here I must stay.

The details are very unclear
As to when this all began
But I much preferred being human
And not having so many adoring fans

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