Missing you

January 21, 2008
By Mallory Richmond, Wonewoc, WI

I can’t imagine going back to work,
knowing that the last time I was there,
you made a mistake and no one knows why you pulled the trigger.
Showed up to pay my last respects
face to face, you still look real and gorgeous,
as if you were still here today.
Everything was perfect
all your friends, family, and most of all
the love we still give you after knowing what you did.
I thought I saw you from the corner of my eye,
I turned around and found out it
was your soul that must be passing by.
Every glance and move you made,
I can still remember
as if you were still here today.
Your tan face with a smile of no fear and carelessness,
those beautiful eyes that anyone can see the meaning of life,
I miss you more everyday.
We had a lot of good times and
I would love nothing more
to have one last moment to spend with you,
to see you smile and hear you laugh.
No matter what the troubles we were in
you had our backs, just like we had yours,
I can’t thank you enough for all the things you did.
I can say this much,
even though you weren’t clear minded for thinking suicide,
I still love you a lot and this is my heartfelt goodbye.

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