When I Think of You

January 21, 2008
By Whitter Menge BRONZE, Tigerton, Wisconsin
Whitter Menge BRONZE, Tigerton, Wisconsin
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When I think of you
I can’t picture your face
Its faded from my memory
Day after day
I don’t want to think
That the only reason I forgot
Was because you weren’t important
Cause you are
Its just that my heart can’t stand
the memory of you
so my mind is forgetting
and moving past you
I still cry at nights
Not all the time but some
and when I talk to strangers
I don’t always think of you
But I still miss you
When I go to the movies
And sit by a friend
I can sometimes forget
How it was with you
I don’t know if my emotions
Have left my love behind
But if I am any judge
I’m moving on with my life
I can go days without trying to picture you
And most nights I can now sleep
Friends have stopped worrying
If my life ended with you
They bring you up now and then
I don’t evade the questions
And change the subject around
So I guess I found peace
In what was the worst time of my life
When I think of you
I don’t get hit by pain
I can’t picture your face clearly
But I figured
From some losses comes a gain

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