She sits alone

January 21, 2008
She sits alone
Knees pulled to her chin
Tears flowing freely
From deep, dark eyes.

She thinks back
To better days
Long before life became a race.

She feels forgotten
Lagging behind
Struggling beneath the weight
Forced upon her weak soul.

She cries out
Begging for help
Praying for someone to rescue her.

She has always been there
For everyone else
For anyone who needed a hand
And now she’s sinking

She’s drowning,
Free falling into a black abyss,
And no one is waiting.

She reaches out
Hoping -praying- for someone to catch her
But she knows that no one will come
And still

She keeps waiting
Waiting for someone to bring her back
To bring back her eyes’ bright blue hue.

She doesn’t know what to do,
Where to turn,
Who to run to.
Who would be waiting for her?

She’s losing her grip
But won’t let go.
Won’t give them that pleasure.

She’s scared to try again
Can’t get up
Scared to fall
Scared to hurt again.

She sees a boy.
He’s in the distance
And getting further away.

She opens her mouth
Makes a sorry attempt
To call his name
But fails once again.

She hates herself.
Hates being by herself
Alone with her sorrow.

She wants so badly to be different
Wants to be happy
Wants, for once, to be good at something.
Wants to be good enough for him.

She looks down at her feet
And moves further into the corner;
Further from the crowd.

She looks back up -
Looks for the light;
The one thing she thinks she can count on.
But instead

She sees the boy.
Sees the hope in his eyes;
Sees herself in his eyes.

She reaches out once more,
And this time he’s here.
He’s standing there waiting
Waiting to catch her.

She takes his hand,
He pulls her up -
Up out of her abyss.

She’s better now.
You can’t hold her back.
Can’t hold her down.
Her wings were made to fly.

She was born to fly.

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