January 21, 2008
By kathleen kirst, Garland, TX

I lie awake in my bed
not wanting to fall asleep.
I'm thinking about today
with the pictures in my head I keep.

Why do we have to grow up?
I want to stay on this page.
Adults' lives go in circles
and I'd rather die than be average.

Hesistating to stick your head outside
you're just thankful tobe alive, you said.
Fearful to take only one step forward
little do you know, you're already dead.

Look outside, today is gone.
All I have is tomorrow.
I will wake up with the dawn.
I can't just let this gift go.

Tomorrow I want to jump
in the pool with all of my clothes on.
I want to burp so loud
that all conversation is gone.

Tomorrow I want to try every
perfume in the store and leave with only a card.
I want to trip my best friend on her way
out the door and laugh really hard.

Tomorrow I want to hide the phone in my bed
and stay up talking all night.
I want to jump up on to the school lunch table
and start a huge food fight.

Tomorrow I want to fall from the top of a stage
and be carried across the auditorium.
I want to go to New York with my Texas accent
and have them guess where I'm from.

Tomorrow I want to walk around
a library in my bare feet.
I want to be brutally honest
with every person that I meet.

Tomorrow I want to wear my sunglasses
no matter what the weather.
I want to pour out all of my life problems
to the person at the cash register.

Tomorrow I want to make one hundred faces
in the mirror before I leave the bathroom.
I want to fall fast asleep in my boyfriend's arms
that i had been in since noon.

Tomorrow I want to break fifty
mirrors and still have good luck.
I want to camp out under the stars
in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Tomorrow I want to go to the theater
and take pictures of scenes of the movie.
I want to take a ride on a train and end up
somewhere I never thought I'd see.

Tomorrow I want to go to my old grade school
and still fall down on the monkey bars.
I want to search and find my best friend from those days
and see how she looks and has changed so far.

Tomorrow I want to go to my senior prom
with the captain of the football team.
I want to climb up on to the roof of the school
and just scream.

Tomorrow I want to run for
president and win California.
I want to adopt a pet snake
and name her Sophia.

Tomorrow I want to scream as loud
as I can at my cousin's basketball game.
I want to make a wish on a star
that I will always be the same.

Tomorrow I want to carve my and my crush's
initials into a tree.
I want to tell everyone in my life
what they mean to me.

Tomorrow I want to take off my shoes
and dance in the rain all day.
I want to make a public announcement
with nothing planned to say.

Tomorrow I want to change someone's life
until they die and for the better.
I want to become somebody's hero,
role model and trendsetter.

Tomorrow I want to fall in love
and know it from the start.
And then learn what it is really like
to have a real broken heart.

This world is so beautiful
it sparkles in the cold and the heat.
I want to make time go so
slow that i can feel the world move under my feet.

So be bold and reach out to make your mark.
Don't be afraid, don't be shy.
Whatever it will take to feel alive.
Don't let a day pass you by.

Take every feeling in you to the extreme
and stop asking questions, never.
Do every dare and take in every breath
and be young forever.

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