You couldn’t love me

January 21, 2008
By Megan Higgins, East Hampton, CT

You couldn’t love me
I shouldn’t love me
But in this twisted place we call home
We will all truly end up alone
As much as I bleed
And as much as I need
You could never be mine
And in my mind
I am numb so hurt
I am ill and I am cursed
This gift is a cancer and its killing me
Rotting me from the inside out
Should I give up?
And just burn out
My mind is racing
My heart is pacing
Slowing down killing me so gently
And as my life flashes before me
All I can see is a little girl
No heart
Because she gave it away
Not cable of love
Someone took that away
I’m dying and I was a fool to believe
A fool to believe love could save me...
One day they will see
Love is a myth certainly not a gift.

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