Life Is All Too Short

January 21, 2008
So many lives on earth are cast aside,
And no one seems to care.
Until, that is, that those lives come to an end,
And those people are no longer there.
We take for granted the power of a smile,
Or the granting of a wish.
We don’t appreciate the blessing of laughter,
Or the gift of a child’s kiss.
Think for a moment about the things we miss each day,
Because of stubbornness and pride.
Instead of showing affection for our loved ones,
We decide to judge and chide.
We need to wake up and smell the roses,
Because life is all too short.
We need to remind people each day
That we’re here with lots of love and support.
Make memories that will last a lifetime,
Make inside jokes no one will understand.
Give your children lots of attention,
And take your lover by the hand.
Stop deciding for other people
Whether their lives are right or wrong.
Life is our own creation,
And we all have the right to belong.
So make the most of what you have,
And leave the bad things in the past
Because in the grand scheme of things,
Those bad times were gone all too fast.
Count your blessings every day,
Because I’m sure that you will find
That even when things get rough,
Good times are not far behind

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