On Chocolate

January 21, 2008
By Abhik Shah, Burnaby, ZZ

Of nature’s exquisite confection
In sophisticated simplicity,

Whose rich and provocative aroma prove
Sensuous, seducing Heaven and Earth.

With robust waves so sweetly, to cascade
From grandness high of endless essence

Melt and lace intertwine, adorned divine
Intoxicate every heart and pure.

Oh, how you greatly torture us, mighty foe!
With texture so smooth, and taste divine;

Us to damnation you lure, through flashes
Of sweetness and splashes of bitterness—

Tempt us you do, like man’s original sin
Ooey, gooey shades of brown, browner, white—
Rip us to shreds;
To enjoy you – right or wrong?

O, chocolate concubine! To eat naught of me is miserable,
Dieting or saving, but of my taste be sure,

To help you lose weight never will be my task
But ever to give pleasure my sole delight,

As being complementary to your loving will
That cannot, me resist.

If then my bittersweetness
Out of my shining dark seeks forth to bring love,
Your labour must be to melt in my rich, ravishing warmth,

And out of fat still find means of happiness.
Oh, the thick, juicy rush and thrills! Your hunger
Will I satiate in the dark…

Sins I force you to commit,
You to me do succumb; who are you to resist?

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