What is love?

April 9, 2011
By , parker, CO
Its calling you dad even though your long gone,
Its dealing with constant hurt but continuing on.
It’s the words I never got to hear you say,
It’s a black hole in my heart that won’t go away.
It’s the lack of affection that’s turned me jaded,
It’s like an old pair of jeans that are torn and faded.
It’s the cries for closure I don’t think you can hear,
It’s the plan God has for me that’s never quite clear.
It’s the constant question of why he took you away,
It’s the pain I’ll endure till I know your okay.
It’s your footprints that were left to rot in the sand,
It’s the thought of you that makes it hard to stand.
It’s what I lean on for guidance to keep me strong,
So one day I’ll be by your side right where I belong.

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