I dry my tears, lift my head up high

January 20, 2008
By Sephora Noel, Hyde Park, MA

I dry my tears, lift my head up high
pretend to smile with my devil deep inside
I've walked alone for a while now, trembling with anxiety...In search of peace and silence,
My sense of security.
I drop to my knees, the tears began
A long journey from my pearly browns to my aching lips
lifting up my arms as if to scream for mercy...
while the blade slices through, making way past my flesh...I'm free, but I forget how to breathe!
I shut my eyes, and bite down my lips.
I feel, remember and see nothing
The hatred the pain the hurt,
Now gone from my system.
And for a second...my heart no longer aches,
and my soul's no longer lost.
Then I remember, see and feel everything
And the pain...real once again.
As life slowly fades away..there I lay..Blinded by my tears
on the steps despair awaiting for my soul's final breath.
When stars will light in my eyes and the tears permenantly dry...and no longer have my heart wonder...WHY??

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