What’s Killing Us?

April 9, 2011
History has been killing us
Americans killed the indigenous
And invaded African Villages
Forcing us to immigrate
At times our alleged protectors
Brutalize us just to demonstrate
Detectives lock the wrong man up
After they spend time to investigate
Thinking pain and tears will evaporate
By throwing money up to compensate
Not realizing the ethical barriers
They don’t cease to penetrate

Over the years of our enslavement
Shackles have turned to cuffs
Prisoners on a ship turned into
Ones that ride on a bus
Four hundred years have passed
And we still have no luck
Our people show each other no love
So who else will give a huff?

This country’s slogan is “In God We Trust”
But if there is a God out there
Why do my people suffer so much?
Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Haiti
Malnourished Africans dying from sickness
On a daily in this modern day life of slavery
Prisons and ghetto’s occupied by black natives
Welfare and prejudice play a part in black nature
To achieve status in society we endure tedious labor
But the ignorance of our past is a fault that is greater
Whoever speaks up for us is killed, imprisoned or tasered

As soon as our leaders show us the big picture
The government intermixes in the mixture
By stalking, attacking, blackmailing them
Or finding reasons to hit them with wristers

All I am saying is we are in enslavement
To the government paid men
You can’t fight fire power with no fire
Unless you want to end in a casket
Or live with metal parts or through the wire
I’m sick and baggy eyed tired of the these liars
That divide us, it makes me want to throw riots
If you agree with my opinion on the higher power
Then put your hands to the sky so they reach sky birds

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