My heart feels cracked

January 20, 2008
By Kara Wagner, Laporte, CO

My heart feels cracked
My soul feels erased
Only my mind stays together
In this foggy place
I see nothing but lies
Written all over your face
I walk down the alley
I love this dark place
My mind is screwed up
But my heart is fake
Does it matter now
Do you even care
I hate this
Every time I say Hi
all you do is say bye
I'm done
Sick of the stupid games you play
Watch me now as I walk away
Feel as your heart gets torn out of place
Then look upon my face and see I don't care
so what if I have a dark Heart
you never made a difference in it
The only thing you did is put it back in its place
Rip it out and shove it my face
Forget that
Its done
Watch as I just pick it back up and give it away
The smile on my face
Does it make your day?
Hope so cause I'm washing it off my face
Yeah I know
Just the way I was made
Cant you handle that?
Or am I still a big disgrace
Tell me
I'm sick of feeling cheap
If I am
to bad
Id rather be a disgrace
Then love you another day

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