No Mistakes

April 9, 2011
"Make a mistake" was what she heard
The day before she went.
She was nothing less than an angel;
So perfect and heaven-sent.

Always been the perfect one,
Never made a mistake.
Until the love of a mortal one,
She did inevitably take.

He saw her perfection,
As her one proverbial fall.
Never failing once,
Or having a single flaw.

This tugged at his suspicions,
And angered him deep down.
But uttered not a single word,
Thoughts kept safe and sound.

And as the time came
For her to journey forth,
She contemplated life,
and her human form's worth.

She wanted to say,
With him at her arm.
But looking forward,
She saw this would harm

The balance of her,
And well-being of he.
And so to this statement,
She began to believe.
The best thing for him,
was for her to just leave.

"Make a mistake" he said unto her.
Before she left, with a statement so pure,

Inside her she felt her feelings ring true,
And to answer to him, she began to undo,
The perfection she kept, her hold slipping too.
And she turned to leave...

Leaving only the words
"I Love You."

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