Down Down Down

January 20, 2008
By Victoria Williams, Brooklyn, NY

Down Down Down
Went the pounds
As she sits there and frowns
Staring at the body that could not be found
Just a hollow nightgown

So she climbs back in to bed
The food swirling in her head
Her brain that has not been fed
And her dreams left unread

She wakes up being a feather
And feeling great, she couldn’t be deader
Throwing breakfast in the trash, now that’s a little better
As her life goes through the shredder

Takes one sip of juice, now she has to leave
Before she realizes that there is one last thing to heave
Sounds of chewing and swallowing are her new pet peeve

Now don’t you misconceive
She’s anything but naïve
Though she’s at a lost of what to believe
Since she’s caught in a spaghetti weave

Don’t worry, she says
Today will be great
I won’t be late
I might get a date
But all she can do,
is concentrate
About all the food,
that she hasn’t ate
That determines
Her fate

She’s been whisked, by an eggbeater
As she parks her car, near the calorie meter
And throws away her quarters
She’s not a good eater

In school, students heads turn
She starts to churn,
So many calories to burn
When will she ever learn?

Running a few minutes late to class
Wondering if she would pass
The next assignment or task
Before her life has past
Her life is in a blender
Let’s see how long she’ll last

Now onto the cafeteria
She gets handed a Dixie cup
And sees the juice
That she should have coughed up
Life is secretly tough
No one is there to catch her bluff

Ugh she says
I hate the period lunch
And especially that dreadful meal before it called brunch
Eating chips she doesn’t crunch
Eating cookies that don’t munch

Don’t worry, she says
I’ll be okay
I get good grades—don’t I?

So Down Down Down
Went those pounds
As she throws them away
As her body decays
Discreetly knowing her way
Won’t let her live the next day

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