New Years'

March 21, 2011
By Anonymous

The sun was shinning, the air was cold,
The sky was still deep in it's December shade.
The ground was frosty, and hidden in the folds
Of the New Year, somehow nothing had changed.
Yet, at the same time, the world was a completely

different place.

The atmosphere was a line with new ideas.
But my heart had always known

which direction it faced.

Towards you. Strong and true, due North

in your direction.

I know someday it would all fade,
That another New Years day would pass and I'd be off at college.
That another would fly by and I'd be in a boyfriend's apartment.
That yet another would come and go with a new engagement ring slipped around my finger.
That another, and another, and another

would come with

a wedding,


a home...

a place in this world.
And tough reason isn't something I'm listening to these days,
It tells me that you really wont be there,

with me,


you'd like to come in

and stay a while.

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