wondering if the change was worth the pain

January 20, 2008
By Whitney Leroux, York, ME

wondering if the change was worth the pain
it's as if she spends her life sitting in the rain
drowning in her tears and hiding behind her smile
she continues to hold on for the final mile
happiness is only a life time away
wondering the point of being here to stay
she remembers how it started, her secret was out
loving what being high was all about
she had changed, she didn't have a care in the world
only last year she was still a little girl
saying she cared less was her way of coping
it would all be forgotten was what she was hoping
the looks in peoples faces as she walked down the halls
the look of disgust and anger is why she still falls
she can't get up as hard as she tries
she can't make things normal so she continues to cry
her friends left her with nothing but memories
a broken road is all she now sees
leave the poor girl alone, she's been through a lot
not by her parents, but her own friends she was caught
nobody talks to this stoner you know
this isn't how her high school years should go
and the year continues and they still never forgive
and now I'm wondering if i should continue to live.

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