A Brighter Day

January 19, 2008
By Amanda Barnes, Washington, DC

Making it out is not hard
But it’s not easy either
Dealing with family issues
The bull crap you’re receiving
Living in this world
You got to struggle to survive
Unless you’re rich and truly blessed
It’s a struggle to stay alive
And they wonder why, many teens commit suicide
And hold back they’re emotions they’re trying to hide
Wonder why teens do drugs wonder why they’re on the streets
Wonder why people give up, because they’re tired of defeat
It’s a cold world out there
People die everyday
Thousands of people are homeless
And have no food today
Think about, how crime keeps growing and growing
In the USA
People cry out to God
Begging him to take the pain away
Hoping for a brighter day
A brighter smile on every face and the children who die from HIV
Its hurts me to know
That one day that could be me
I’m thinking about reality
2007, people are selfish
The homeless people can’t help but cry
The hearts of lost souls can’t help but die
The victims of the streets
Are crying out today
The disabled didn’t ask to be that way
And as for me, I just gotta pray
Hoping soon for a brighter day.

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