Ought To Do

January 19, 2008
It’s a systematic failure of our minds to cooperate
We’re doing all these things, these things that we all hate
The puzzles wont fit together, less they just might break
And the memory of you is enough to keep me awake.
I’ve been drowning for so long, in this charcoal gray
It’s time to break free, separate my life
From all of these things, these things that we all hate.
I’m tired, and sore, melodramatic, most unsure
When I see you again I’ll know how to act.
What made me act, attack, paralyzed behind your eyes
Your eyes paralyze, me alone in my room
Alone with you, paradox of a believer.
But what do I Believe? I believe in you, that’s true
I believe in love, and the lack of there of
In this place, with your face, haunting my view, it’s only you,
separating me, from all the things that I ought to do.
We’re all doing these things, things we all out to do.
Separate from you, that’s all we ought to do.

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