Tiny Fractures

January 19, 2008
By Mahala Lewis, Sierra Vista, AZ

Our faults would diminish peaceably
If we could scrape our nails against the hard surface of the heart
with the vigor of a child scraping a sandbox empty.
So we will chill ourselves in the freezer
Next to the battered dead memories . they will keep us company through the night.
It is better than having nothing at all.
And all the mockery and sarcasm and blatant excuses we have encountered
Can finally solidify and pass through our system
Through our arms and our sighs and our waists that were made too wide by
Balloons injected into our skin.
The clock will continue to tick, and it won’t bother us anymore--
knowing that every tick is a quiet sojourn to our eardrums
we can finally release the weight of the ground below us.

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