Hostile Lovers

April 11, 2011
By AllyKeddy SILVER, Wasaga Beach, Other
AllyKeddy SILVER, Wasaga Beach, Other
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Have you ever entered a battle knowing you’d lose?
Well in his love warfare, you cannot choose.
Sure, you could try to win....
But in the end, you’ll be a con artist like huckleberry fin,
trying to scam and fool, unaware that you are the tool,
being tricked by a hostile enemy, in an everlasting duel.
Going in, without a gun;
You’re under fire without a shield.
You’re blinded by the sun, and you’ve been shot over and over again.
But sadly you will never yield.
Because in this world where passion rules,
enough is never enough.
To cry doesn’t show them your pain,
and to admit defeat doesn’t allow you to lose.
Considering all the lies and deceit, who’s to blame?

U and S, these two consecutive letters mean nothing alone, but united they mean everything in which we are prone. Us, we are the two people to blame, you in which are the scapegoat to my shame and love, love is our tormenter in this prison that he calls a home.
When you try to leave, and steal away like a petty thief;
Love will real you in again, and you surely will be slain.
like a battle that never ends, his love will not make amends.
You’re a ripped piece of paper without staples, tape or glue.
You’re bound to come out black and blue.

You could look at our dangerous love as a game,
We’ll upgrade our armour,
Shake off our shame,
But his quick eyed love will beat, batter, and shove.
Because unlike chess, checkers, or scrabble, there are no tactics in our rabble.

There will be no peace afterwards,
Because the war will only start once more.
Like a tumbling house of cards, wanting to be built back up again.
And on and on this ferries wheel shall spin,
But in the end, they’ll and knock you down like a bowling pin.
In one simple breath, you captured my lonely heart in your palm.
In one simple exhale you tossed it away.
You may seem to be calm, but your extremely unsure.
You know the poison you’ve set on me has no cure.

The game is finally over, and the joker we would have played.
You were supposed to be the king, and I the queen of spade.
After the cheating and beating,
You dragged me back once more to show me that finally the wolves are at our door.
They’re here to drag us down to the depths, which unfortunately is only the beginning; for another round of never winning.

Although I can’t be the victor to this losing fight,
I will try and try with all my might,
Yet in the end we will cry , shrivel, and die, the both of us.
Like a sinking ship, we will both be the captain... Go down with this broken boat. We’re now drowning in the moat, we built to protect ourselves.
Protection from what? Each other.
Was it you with nuclear words, and cussing jets, the one to win the fight? No. It was neither of us, we both went down in this petty fuss.
Me with my knives, that showered you like rain, and my broken glass thrown in your path. I didn’t know what those things would gain, using them only gave me pain.
the first blow was taken, and you left me shaken, the reasons I started fighting for you, the emotions I had felt were entirely new-
You freed me, like a bird,
attracted me, like a magnet,
seized me, like a prisoner,
hypnotized me, like a gypsy,
and make me fall, like a rock.

Later did I find, once I cleared my mind that
You cracked me open, like an egg.
Beat me down, like a nail.
Fired me up, like a stove.
Tied me down, like a rope
And watched me shatter, like a glass.

Love and tears come hand and hand,
Just as water and dirty sand.
All those long walks along the beach, are which a verbal fight would complete.
Just as sugar sweet lips, sugar coat everything, and in the end your cheating heart never does seems to lose.

All these things we feel,
Moments in which are surreal
Moments in which are haunting.
Moments in which are daunting.
You would never renounce,
You would never give up this dance.
Even so, In his love warfare... you cannot choose.
Sure, you could try to win;
But in the end, the end is never the end... In the game of love ‘tis only the beginning.

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