March 17, 2011
By , Port Washington, NY
You say you understand,
But you don’t.
You say you’ve felt this way,
But you haven’t.
If you had,
You’d have fixed it.
If you knew,
You’d change.

You’re no longer here.
Where did you go?
You don’t care.
Why now when I need you most?
I can tell you’re gone,
Tell me when you’ll return.
I need a friend,
Tell me you’re still here.

You go to the movies,
But with who? Not me.
You talk on the phone for hours,
But with who? Not me.
The answer is always the same,
You’ve chosen.
He’s the only thing on your mind,
You’ve chosen; not me.

He tells you he loves you,
You say it back.
It’s finally out,
Your wondering is over.
You know he means it,
Do you mean it too?
I’m still can’t tell,
Do you truly love him?

It might feel like love,
But you’re only fifteen.
It may be just a crush,
Because you’re only fifteen.
I may be wrong,
You might be in love.
I am not you,
You’re the only one who knows.

If love is what you’ve found,
It’s a trade-off.
If you think you are gaining more,
It’s a misconception.
More time spent in your relationship,
Less spent with me.
More love from him,
And less from me.

I don’t want it to happen,
But you’re letting me float away.
I don’t want to leave,
But it’s your turn to change.
So don’t cut any more strings,
Meet me halfway.
So don’t let me go,
Only pull me tighter.

Because if he leaves,
I won’t be there.
Because if you need a friend,
I won’t be within reach.
So hold on to our friendship,
Or you might regret it.
So hold onto me,
Or I might be gone.

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