January 18, 2008
By razzleberry GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
razzleberry GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"There are four things that can never be recovered: a stone once it has been thrown, a word once it has been said, the time after it has been lost, and an occasion after it has gone."

Have you ever faced a decision that can change your life?
I don't mean some small little choice like what color you are going to dye your hair
I mean something big
Something you can't ever EVER go back on

Most of the time, when you face something like that---
You ignore it, or forget about it
But what if it comes back to haunt you?

You know what the answer should be,
Or what you SHOULD do
But you're....scared
Everything you feel, would change if you went through with this

The rest of your life would almost be set out for you if you go through it
Though it doesn't seem like a big deal,
People in this world will categorize you for it.
What do you do?

The problem,
You haven't even convinced yourself what you want to do

But let's say you know you want to go through with it
But you put it off
A week
A month
A year
You tell yourself, I'll do it tomorrow
But you're not ready

No one understands that
They all think it's an excuse
They call you a traitor
They basically call you stupid
And you know that they are right
You begin to think they are better than you--
Because they have already made this decision

Again, what do you do?
The normal response is to follow your heart
But how do you do that, when your heart is in two pieces
One side tugging to the right
The other to the left

Can time "mend" this?
Can time help a person come to a decision?
But time is precious?
What if your time is over before you make the decision?
Could it affect your life?

I now know what I want to do
But can I take it slowly?
One step at a time?
Until I finally reach that far away goal?

Even if time can't FIX this.
Only it can tell

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KalieghMarie said...
on Aug. 6 2008 at 3:19 pm
This piece of literature is so moving, insightful, and deep that it shows years of understanding past this amazing girls age. It is well written, shows mountains of passion for literature, and quite a window to her soul, and a screen to the soul of many others. It reaches out and toutches the hearts of many. Bravo, Sara D., you cese to amaze me.


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