life goes on

April 20, 2011
you ask me about life how do you go on when life and friends let you down what do you do feel like an outsider or take a stand do you cry or be a man do you talk or take action or do you just turn from your problems or turn and hit the problem are you to weak to take on the fears of life or are you two tough and think nothing can stop you i once felt like that until life hit me its reality and you cant live with it cant live without it do you also feel like an outsider some time because if you don't now sooner or later you will life has a lot of brick walls will you jump over them or will you run into them and take a few steps back in life i have learned life is like a game of monkey in the middle what do you do when your in middle stay there or do something about it never think your 2 tough to take whatever life has 2 throw at you because i have been there and that side of the road is a lot more painful

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