Blank Walls

January 18, 2008
By Austin Conklin, Folsom, CA

I crawl into my bed wondering,

What it was I said.

I stare across at the wall,

I wonder when it’s gonna fall.

I had fun the other night,

But I hate it when we fight.

I miss you so much,

I miss your gentle touch.

I hate it when you’re gone,

I hate it when you leave.

I just cannot believe,

You would run away with him.

He’s such a fag,

I’m so much better.

I wanna call,

I wanna hear your voice.

But all I can do,

Is write this stupid letter.

I wonder why you left me,

Sh*t, you have my spare key.

The whole time I’m,

Staring at the blank wall.

Wonderin if it was what I said,

The other night when we got in that fight!

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