She Is Changing

April 7, 2011
By Anonymous

she is going emo
painting her nails
black hair in her face
screwing every guy in this place
sits in the corner cuts herself
smokes some crack
sometimes she thinks she'll go to bed and she ain't ever coming back
she's got a bad habit the cops want her to stop they take her to therapy for her suicidal thoughts.
she has gone emo

rocking to her music
crying her eyes out
she's in pain
you can see it in her eyes
but no one reaches out
she's all alone
with no one to love
she's dying inside
she is emo

thinks about slitting throats
draws the death in her soul
no one knows what she's feeling
her whole worlds collapsing
she watches as she bleeds
she doesn't know what to believe
her world like a puzzle
but she cant put it back together
and she runs from the pieces
she has gone emo.

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