Give me wings!

April 7, 2011
Give me wings
If I had one wish
It would be this,
Give me wings.
They could take me away from my world.
From chaos and disorder.
Disappointments flood the dull reality in my mind.

Let me have wings!
Let me fly away!
Let me be weightless!
Let me soar!

I envy the birds,
So beautiful, so graceful.
So fluent in flawless movement.
They see no flaws within,
All they see is open sky.
And below, is the chaos of our minds.

Their eyes open to beauty, reflected in still waters.
Yet I am blind, sightless.

I envy the birds, so give me wings!
So I too can see what they see
They see the unknown above,
For our minds,
Chained to the ground,
Cannot see perfection.

I envy the birds, for I am trapped,
Trapped within gravity.
Slowly drowning in my own mind.
And they, full of weightless and flawless flight,
Soar over my head, into an ecstasy of perfection.

Their eyes open to beauty reflected in still waters,
Yet I am blind.

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