Falling In Love

January 18, 2008
It happened so fast
With more haste than thunder
A couple so out of the ordinary
Causing everyone to wonder

A girl branded promiscuous
As a result of misconception
A boy labeled as a womanizer
With no hopes of label correction

A glance from across the room
An almost hidden smile
An approach so abrupt
It resulted in his denial

She was still aching from the past
His soul was tamed by his depression
Neither looking to fall in love
Both just seeking a connection

What started as a friendly “hello”
Evolved into a friendship so strong
What started as casual dating
Developed into a relationship with feelings involved

Neither wanting to be hurt
But both seeking to be loved
They propelled each other away
With emotional pushes and shoves

The pain of separation
Was a burden neither one could bear
With rivers of daily tears
And distantly blank stares

A meeting so unexpected
Caused their untamed hearts to explode
They still loved each other dearly
That much was clearly known

A decision to rekindle old sparks
Was all they were thinking of
So with a kiss, they continued
Falling in love

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