Looking in the Mirror

April 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I look up and see her
A girl staring back at me, my age,
Close enough to touch
She has dark hair, and sad light brown eyes
Where did she come from?
Her face mirrors my confused expression
She must be startled by me, too
Her eyes look through mine,
Like she is not really looking at me,
But looking at something deep inside me
Like she knows my secrets
She looks like she has secrets, too
Behind her bright eyes there is
A look of pain, a pain that is
Reflected in her motions as well,
In the shy way she stands, her back half turned,
Her guard up,
And in the nervous way she reaches out to me
Exactly when I reach out to her
She doesn’t speak, but her expression is wary,
Like she has lived through some hardships,
More than she should have at her age
I have experienced hardships, too
But I’m not like her,
I do a better job at covering up my pain
Looking at me you wouldn’t know
My sad secrets,
You can’t see the hurt in my eyes
Surely I am not as broken as the
Girl I’m looking at
She is nothing like me,
She can’t be

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