Broken Heart Mending

April 7, 2011
This broken heart, it cannot mend
Against this illness, I cannot fend
My heart has been torn apart
All I can say is “Have a heart!”
I try to stop the tears from flowing
Everything about you I was all-knowing
At least that’s what I’ve always thought,
But this part I have just caught

I was sure you loved me back,
But I guess there’s something I must lack
Why can’t I just get over you?
Why can’t I start my life anew?
Thoughts of you are in my head,
These thoughts of you I want to shed
My life is as dark as a cave,
So dark and depressed, I try to be brave

Without you my life has no meaning,
You were the post upon which I was leaning
Darkness and depression is my life now,
To get out of this slump, I don’t know how
When you were with me my life was bright
But now I struggle to find one source of light

Finally there is a window open,
This is my chance, I am hope’n
There is someone who loves me for me
And I am again filled with glee.
My savior’s name is Jesus,
He came to earth to free us

He leads me from the dark,
My life is clean of any mark
So go ahead, do not love me,
I don’t care, for in Jesus, I am free

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