With this freedom

January 18, 2008
By Aishah Kuzu BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Aishah Kuzu BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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With this freedom,
I soar to new heights
A voice unbeknownst
Rises in earnest,
Echoing the cries of
Those in need.

Miracles do happen
In this world of mine
Unknown to the rest
I lay in peaceful solitude
Solitude blessed.
With the knowledge of secrecy
And life.

Cords and chains
Will never hold me down
As they once did
Long ago.

Beaten and tortured,
By my own ignorance
And by my own lack of
Self perseverance.
I broke through the shell I wore
And rose like a bird from its nest,
To venture the world unhindered
And soar with my newly feathered wings
Once clipped and sheared
Useless to myself, and to those around me.

But I grew in spirit and mind
And soon my sheared wings
Were beautiful symbols.
Symbols of life and knowledge
And strength of mind.
Symbols to all who were oppressed
By themselves, and those around them
As I once was.

Anyone can soar
But the difference is
How far could you go?
Before your clipped wings gave out
And you plummet towards the ground

How far could they take you?
Without the knowledge and self confidence
Needed to survive in mid-flight.

And like a newly hatched chick
New to this world and its
You must break through the barrier
And set yourself apart from the rest.
Proving to yourself that you belong
In this world of yours.

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