The way you make me feel..

April 7, 2011
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You say I'm all you'll ever need but you mentally beat the crap out of me, your voice is all I hear in the back of my head, but the way it makes me feel wants me dead. You have made me want to kill myself, take everything I own and drill myself, I think of you and I can't deal with myself. How can I feel for someone who feels for no one else? I can't get away from you and the pain you put me threw, I've tried but it's mainly because I don't want to. I love you and I don't know why I do, I guess for some reason I can't live without you. Every step I take away from you something about you pulls me back in, I try to walk away then I fall in love all over again. I swear I want to kill you, but at the same time I want to feel you. I want to leave you, but something tells me I don't need to. I can't get enough of you but at the same time I've had enough, I try to be rough but sometimes the things you do are to rough. There's pain in my heart and thinking of you makes it start,You make me feel so bad, I need away from you, but I don't want to, you just pull me back to you and none of my words ever get threw, I want you but maybe I need to get a clue. If you want to be with me so bad, be a man!! You're so immature though that I don't think you can, get ready to bury my heart in sand because I think our loves about to be the little rabbit that ran.

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