January 18, 2008
How can I be surrounded by a hundred friends, yet still feel all alone.
Why do I feel so lonely and secluded, even in my home.
I have lost nothing, but still put up a wall around my heart.
But then my mind asks itself, “will this be the start?”
Right here, right now, will I lose something I can’t bare to lose.
Will I lose this precious gift due to drugs and booze?
There I go again, I’ve drifted back into my incredible little world.
In reality though nothing ever happens to me, nothing, I’m just a little girl.
Half the time no one notices me, I usually blend into the wall.
It wouldn’t be so bad if I were a super hero striking, bold, and tall.
Sadly though that could only happen in my world, just another once upon a time.
But still in my world anything is possible, even pulling off a crime.
I sometimes envy the characters I create, their always are so fun and exciting.
I wish I had their traits.
Unfortunately my life isn’t full of adventure, romance, and risk.
It’s full of sadness and normality, just thinking about it makes me sick.
By now you probably think that I’m crazy, its okay a lot of people do.
But this world that I sometimes live in always makes me feel unstoppable, come on don’t you have your own world too?

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