I've Lost One

April 2, 2011
By CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
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So I’ve been told
That we all must meet our maker
But right now, I don’t want
Anyone to take you
From me, do you see?
Heartbreak is a sign of affection
Even though without you
I’m lost without direction
And if I’m wrong for loving you
Than I don’t need a correction
Although we lost our connection
Once again today’s lesson
Is that heartbreak is a sign of affection

I’m hurt by your rejection
But I know you used discretion
In this saddening decision
I never would’ve envisioned
Such an end to our relationship
It’s hard finding your replacement
God punished me like an atheist
To bring me such a miracle
And take it
Can’t you remember when my mom met you?
When you were still my boo
She was joyously hysterical
Because Divine Intervention is what you are
A radiant star that shines from afar
Not to mention
You are undeserving of condescension

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