Try to be happy and rid of all rage

January 18, 2008
By Lauren DeMell, Roslyn Heights, NY

Try to be happy and rid of all rage
As you grab your diploma and walk off the stage
Go laugh with those people you call them your friends
The ones who kinda sorta made it to the end

So take a pencil and turn it around
Erase those memories shattered hopes on the ground.
Take that pencil and erase your tears
The one’s you’ve been hiding the past four years

Take you pictures in your cap and gown
Try to look up and never down.
Remember those plans from back in the day
The ones that shouldn’t have gone away

Erase the faces who say they’ve been there
And separate them from the ones who care.
Erase the memories of losing your friends
For the boy who didn’t quite make it to the end.

Tell those people you’re sorry, just give it a try
You’ll want to remember these people until you die.

Take the pencil, because we’ve all heard them say,
The rest of your life starts today.
So rewrite that story, rewrite that plan
But don’t hold to tightly to that paper at hand

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