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April 1, 2011
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Slowly, the darkness fades to light,
The inky black of the night is lost in the sunrise,
And the sun-streaked canvas ignites.
The fiery red sun reaches out towards the sky;
It’s orange tendrils tingeing the sky with a breathtaking aura,
Shooting out dark purple veins from its center with its rise.
The suns kisses the world with luminescence.
Its golden rays reaching out towards the heavens;
Beautifully basking the earth in a smoky essence.
The new dawn beckons the creatures from their sleep.
From the forest with tired eyes they trot;
It’s their daily morning meal they seek.
Out from behind the Dogwood a fawn emerges,
It tries out its wobbly legs, only to fall,
Anxious to catch up to the others in their food searches.
Newly-sprinkled dew glints off the blades of grass,
And grasshoppers jump through its misty rainforest,
Until they find what they look for at last.
Ivory-colored doves glide across the sunny sky;
The feathered couple chat’s happily,
As it passes the other creatures by.
Fish surface the water, to warm their silvery skin
The rainbow trout merrily dance around the pond,
Swimming with their fin-tailed friends.
The Dogwood and the Cherry Tree reach their wooden arms high,
Craning for a hint of light,
Along with the Oak and Pine.
Tulips peak their buds out of the crumbled clay,
And the Daylily’s unfurl their petals,
Fervent for the start of a new day.
With every dawn this joyous time arrives;
This motley mix of nature comes out,
From their nightly hide.
They sing a song, a serenade,
The creatures of the forest,
The flowers and their folk parade.
It’s simple really, to see them play,
Just open your eyes and look;
With every coming day.
All you need to see the creation,
Is a bit of faith,
And some imagination.
With every dawn, I find I’m still,
Overjoyed and amazed
With the simple thrill.

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midnite said...
Sept. 19, 2011 at 8:26 pm
This is beautiful!!!
rockstardream replied...
Sept. 20, 2011 at 10:33 am



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