This One's For You

April 4, 2011
By BabyVickie SILVER, Taos, New Mexico
BabyVickie SILVER, Taos, New Mexico
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Isn't it funny love is hilarious?
it can make you glad or furious?
Why do love and hate flow at the same time?
When having a thought, you aren't mine?

Is it hard for you to give me a smile?
And step forward to lessen the mile
that gave us gap from one another
and stop us from knowing each other

Is it hard for you to say hi?
To let this heart of mine soar high?
But you don't have to look into my eyes
when all you have to say, nothing but lies.

I expect nothing great from you
just give me hint or clue
the reason behind why you frown when I'm near
when there's nothing from me you should fear

Is it a crime for telling the truth?
That I love you from the day of my youth?
but not a youth now, but a woman
brave to let you go, like anybody can

I'm now letting go the love I have kept
and may you dream at night when you have slept
that you are at loss for not having me
and sobbing for me as you will always be!

I hate you for giving me this feeling
that I'm nothing but a rag darling!
But I'm much angrier with myself too
for I let this stupid heart fall for you!

The author's comments:
This is a piece for my heart.<3

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