April 6, 2011
By maddsturrulz BRONZE, Rochester, New York
maddsturrulz BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you... in that 'cut ur head off with a toothbrush' kind of way." -by idk

As we ran from the cops,
we laughed our heads off.
I knew this was our moment
because we could take any dent.

It’s not bad,
but they’re gonna be mad.
We don’t care.
And the wind whipped through our hair.

They screamed, “STOP!”
like coyotes howling on top
of a mountain
like we were on top. Never to be contained.

The wind cheered us on,
for it was at out backs. We knew we won.
You and I
will never let our spirit die.

We’ll be kids forever.
The cops will never
catch us.
Because we’re the best.

There’s no sirens. Were they
still after us today?
The flowers in the neighbor’s
yards gave beautiful odors,

As if they were congratulating us on
our victory. We won
this battle for our childhood.
And you’re an awesome friend.

The vibe is amazing.
And we didn’t learn a thing.
And you’re an awesome friend.
We’ll never stop ‘til the end.

The author's comments:
I feel a little rebellious sometimes:) and i luuvvvvv my friends

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